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MGG.006Stereo BoyTwo worlds, one adventure. Available on Steam.
MGG.005SaybrookA tale of mass hysteria.
MGG.004BlockchainThe best offense is a good defense.


Main Gauche Games is an independent game studio founded in 2022 by a pair of Silicon Valley burnouts, Jeff Lee and Dominic Dagradi. They began making games together as a pandemic side-project, producing hundreds of hours of game dev Twitch streams, along with a few game jam games that were actually pretty fun.

Their first commercial game, Stereo Boy, was released in August 2022. It is an isometric sci-fi puzzle box that began as a deliberate attempt to avoid making a puzzle game. You know how these things go. Anyway, we think you will enjoy it.

The studio is headquartered in a Slack workspace straddling both US coasts. For the future, Main Gauche Games aspires to thoughtful cult hits, worker ownership, and a more decent and just society.