Devlog posts: stereoboy

A 3D tile editor for Unity

There are lots of good tilemap editors you can use for 2D games, but it’s a different story for 3D.

For Stereo Boy, a game filled with grid-aligned cubes, we ended up writing a custom tool for 3D tile editing called Block Editor. Let’s take a look at how it works.

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Making Stereo Boy's dual worlds

Stereo Boy’s core mechanic is the ability to teleport between two worlds on either side of the screen. This post is a breakdown of how we implemented this unusual feature, across our tools, runtime cameras, and gameplay effects. We took advantage of the flexibility of Unity’s editor and camera systems to meet our highly-specific needs.

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Stereo Boy launch day stream

Our launch day stream was really fun! We got to play Stereo Boy, answer questions, and demonstrate some of the tools we used to make the game.

Watch for some fun screenshots that show how far the game has come since its inception as a game jam entry.

By the way: we stream and post videos about game dev from time to time. Follow us on Twitch and YouTube for more!

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Stereo Boy is released!

We launched our first commercial title today! It’s called Stereo Boy.

You play a robot called Blit who’s crash-landed on an alien planet and trying to get home. There are puzzles. You can grab it on Steam for eight bucks, even less if you catch the launch sale. Here’s a trailer:

Pretty cool, right? Let’s talk a bit about the origin story!

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